At this Ad Hoc City site, I enter in: who I want to live by and how far from work I want to be. My friends and coworkers enter this in too.  The website spits out a place where we can all live by each other and where we can position our offices. It’s an ad hoc, made-for-community city.

Initially I wrote a huge defense of this idea of ad hoc community organization. I imagined how one would work it into the current world. But I don’t want to work it into the real world. It’s just too damn hard.

I just want this image: I type in my info, everyone else types theirs, we all move to the same place together and we experience no problems in finding work or leaving houses and what-not behind.

As I meet new people and some relationships fade, my geographic position moves. It gets cold where we are, we winter in some other location. Great geographic fluidity earned not by transportation speed, but by social flexibility.

So in 2008 another President is elected. He isn’t anyone related to a former President. The United States is heading away from Aristocracy.

“Peace is prosperity,” he tells us. Troops move out of occupied nations and the diplomatic core is doubled in size and quadrupled in training. Sanctions drop away and the words between nations are those of disciplined civility.

“Freedom is fortune,” he announces. People start to get their say about their rights. Courts make good decisions to repeal unjust laws. People feel safe again because they know the law protects them from those who would silence them or would send them to jail without getting their say in court.

“Frugality is wealth,” he proclaims. America begins to grow rich again as she stems the flow of money into money-destructive activities. We manufacture livingry as we drop away our obsession with weaponry. Sustainable energy research makes us an energy-exporting nation as military subsidies to external governments stop. We invest in our children by not robbing them through deficit spending.

After four years of this and encountering lots of resistance, the President declines a second term. People have not been lolled into complacency over the forward progress that has been made, and a new President is elected that carries forward the same goals of peace and prosperity.

Vivid Flying Dream

June 22, 2007

This is my first flying dream. I’ve only had jumping dreams where I can jump to enormous heights, like over trees and buildings. It’s funny since I wasn’t even that into Superman. But like Superman, I guess I eventually graduated from leaping over tall buildings in a single bound, to full on flying.

The way I propelled myself was with an excessive moment in my arms. By swinging my arms backward, down toward my hips, I could give myself thrust.

I started on the Santa Clara campus. Whenever I dream of Santa Clara it is a mix of the SCU layout and a lot of the feel of Stanford. I was flying all over school, into and out of buildings. Most people didn’t notice, but some would point me out if I was getting really high.

My flying around was important to some tests necessary for a spaceship I was building. Eventually the school administration asked me to not fly around so much. I was sorely disappointed in them and decided I would fly anyway.

The most peculiar part of this dream is the recurrence of a tower that I felt I had seen in past dreams (though which I can not remember). It’s a black medieval tower, hollow except for a staircase. Tourists were inside it.

I’ve had recurring dreams before, but never a recurring artifact like the tower.