Artificially Constructed Cultures

August 26, 2010

Cultures have generally grown through reproduction. The more people your culture has, the better the odds of your cultures survival. However, we live in an era of modern telecommunications. What if we had cultures that did not just grow through reproduction but through advertising and recruitment?

Companies do this to some degree, but their societies are preoccupied with product creation. This artificial society would only be preoccupied in the perpetuation of culture, not products.

Religions also do this, but are generally tied to a concept of supernatural activity of some sort.

As a necessity, the culture would have to be distinct, otherwise there would be no reason to join. I imagine someone putting their culture’s values on the internet, talking about the people they already share this culture with. And then going about establishing funds for the centralization of this culture.

One Response to “Artificially Constructed Cultures”

  1. tinysunbl Says:

    I totally agree with what you’re getting at. However, to push it a little harder, I’d challenge your very first premise here: aren’t advertisement and recruitment means of reproducing culture? Looking into advertisements can tell us a great deal about out own society.

    Furthermore, if “artificially constructed culture” is indeed a sound concept, what is “naturally constructed culture,” then?

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