Unity Banquet, A Science Fiction Story

October 6, 2009

Unity Banquet, by Adrian Perez

The club projected noise into the room. The song was different for each person. Following the same beat, but dynamically generated to their preferences.

Elsa danced in the midst of so many classes. It was part and parcel to her way of life. If she knew what she was doing than she was on the wrong track.

By day Elsa walked to work in one of the most battle torn parts of the world. And by night, she danced here. Here at the club that was all about her, Unity Banquet. That’s also how everyone else here felt, but it was Germany, so what else could you say.

The rest of the banquet hall was filled with people riddled with Techni. It was a veritable tool making fest. No one gathered at parks anymore. No one had dinner. They just showed up to dance in kinesthetic communication.

Right now, as Elsa danced with one of the new ones that walked into the bar she had an idea for a new type of lamp that would use the organelles in E Coli to create luminescence.

She jumped out of the crowd and walked to the bar to a No-Noise. She mentioned the idea into the No-Noise and off it went into the net. She rushed back to go dancing.

She could see some of the ideas that people were carrying with themselves publicly. The ones she liked, she danced with. And every once in a while, you would see someone break off and walk to the No-Noise to get it out there.

Elsa felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. It was someone from another part of the Banquet. He was in Japan and he just discovered her organelle idea. He put a package in her hand. It was a virtual representation of the organelle pattern she wanted. A shipment would be synthesized in Germany in a few days.

That was another one of Elsa’s problems. Bio-synthesis was a pain in the ass to do quickly. She looked across the Banquet hall. The building curved off infinitely in all directions. Everyone in the world that was awake right now was at this party. She could see the Bio-synthetics researchers crowded at the bar roughly two or three miles away. She danced her way over and struck up a conversation.

The group was all kinds of despondent. Even though they were all working together in different parts of the world they managed to be one of the more insular groups. Elsa felt comfortable prodding Nikola because they had met in “real” life at the German part of the Unity Banquet. She started telling them how they needed to hire a culture consultant, but he didn’t want to hear any of it. His girlfriend, who was also in the Bio-synth’ group needed to be walked to the door of the Banquet Hall. It was getting late in Beijing, so his girlfriend was tired.

She gave up on him, and plummeted back into the crowd. The club projected noise into the room. The song was different for each person. Following the same beat, but dynamically generated to their preferences.

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