The Sea of Intuitive Reading, A Story

September 28, 2009

The Sea of Intuitive Reading by Adrian Perez

Alexander read at one thousand words a minute. It was impossible, so the program paused him every five minutes so he could remember to keep breathing. There the words were, floating in front of him in associative bubbles. All of it was non-linear.

This reading breakthrough had occurred during research on Dyslexia, that showed Dyslexics weren’t reading wrong, we were simply writing wrong.

The story the world shows us is composed of other monkeys coming out of bushes and trees to kill us. It’s green snakes curled up in green leaves and brown branches. So reading linearly is the worst possible way to process information. And importance is by definition, all that matters.

Try assigning neutrality to a word. Try it. I’m serious. I’ll pause. Don’t keep reading until you’ve found a neutral noun.

Unless you’re a freak, you can’t do it. We assign value everywhere. Word: Book. Sounds slightly good to me. Word: Freak. Pretty bad, but kind of good too. Neutral words? Indifference guarantees you will not remember them.

Alexander read at one thousand words a minute. Whole vastness swept through his mind with layered comprehension.

As the Internet grew, the human mind began to fall behind. Artificial Intelligence began to spring past us. And it took only a few years of Intelligence-Par Artificial Individuals to leap into cliche-battle with humans. So this is why it was so exciting for Alexander. He was reading to save the Human world.

He spun through time-lagged association, making realizations as he interlinked through the Thought Sea. He raced against an AI he could see in the distance. Forward to a quantum mechanical solution for one of the high-bid problems. He might get the solution first.

Capitalism was a war of relevance. And Alexander’s company was fighting to be relevant tooth and nail. The best thing that could have happened to humanity was to get a competitor that was temporarily better than it. Alexander was glad there had been two years of real non-relevance for humans. He was surprised and optimistic about how short a time it took humans to enter back into the world of meaningfulness.

In a sundry market Alexander floated in a sea of problems and solutions. The input matching the speed of the output. The only rhythm, the complexity of the universe.

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