So much stuff has happened this past month.

  • We got a customer for the RingWing
  • We found a manufacturer
  • We shipped a bunch of RingWings to HIMSS in Chicago
  • We got the RingWing website to a useful state

It has been amazing organizing all of this. Sometimes I totally thought I wasn’t going to make it in time. The process of discovery, of challenging my own ignorance, has been so worth it. The feeling of positive stimulation I get by doing what seemed improbable is so cool.

All the while I have been trying to exercise, see my girlfriend, and socialize. I want my life to stay balanced. The days where I am handling things best are where I am keeping everything in play. If I don’t exercise on the Wii Fit or avoid talking to friends, I get a crappier day.

Visit my website: I am so glad it’s done! Check out the video we did showing off a few of the things you can do with the RingWing: