So has a section where you can write in your vision for the country. Here is what I wrote to President Obama’s staff.

During the Cold War, when the USA was shocked by Sputnik and what it meant about Soviet nuclear reach, we could have decided to push ourselves closer to war, but we diverted all of the energy behind our initial anxiety into a Space Program that ultimately landed us on the Moon, with great civilian benefits in technology.

After 9/11, everyone was ready to do something. The world was pitched to help us. If we had set the goal of being a net producer of renewable and clean energy by a specific time frame, imagine where we could be today. Instead of botched wars we would have a bunch of people under special scholarships, researching in labs, and starting businesses to proliferate and profit from American ingenuity.

We have to set down our paranoia that stops us from cooperating.  We have to start believing we’re all in this together. Because we are, and if we’re going to succeed, we have to change.

I image living an America where we make the wiser, less blood-thirsty choice.