Using Delicious Tags in Google to Tell Me What I Am

October 25, 2008

I recently took my top 32 tags in Delicious and put them into a Google query in order to establish what my occupation is (if something so simplistic can even be legitimately done). The top tags are:

  1. science
  2. history
  3. education
  4. politics
  5. learning
  6. power
  7. design
  8. economics
  9. systems
  10. philosophy
  11. thought
  12. business
  13. thinking
  14. mind
  15. intelligence
  16. society
  17. psychology
  18. visualization
  19. understanding
  20. school
  21. USA
  22. programming
  23. development
  24. theory
  25. map
  26. brain
  27. research
  28. management
  29. software
  30. statistics
  31. culture
  32. policy

To get this list I removed the tags “blog, article, video, and essay,” because they are mediums and not interests, so I removed them in the final query. From this I got several occupational categories:

  • Information Theory
  • Success Science
  • Business Management
  • Cybernetics
  • Systems Theory
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Economics

Now these are obviously fairly loose and interpreted associations, but they are interesting never the less. Systems Theory, Cybernetics, and Business Management are very familiar to me. Information theory is an in-between. But Success Science and Artificial Intelligence were actually surprising. I expected to get something on political science, but there wasn’t really anything.

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