At this Ad Hoc City site, I enter in: who I want to live by and how far from work I want to be. My friends and coworkers enter this in too.  The website spits out a place where we can all live by each other and where we can position our offices. It’s an ad hoc, made-for-community city.

Initially I wrote a huge defense of this idea of ad hoc community organization. I imagined how one would work it into the current world. But I don’t want to work it into the real world. It’s just too damn hard.

I just want this image: I type in my info, everyone else types theirs, we all move to the same place together and we experience no problems in finding work or leaving houses and what-not behind.

As I meet new people and some relationships fade, my geographic position moves. It gets cold where we are, we winter in some other location. Great geographic fluidity earned not by transportation speed, but by social flexibility.

I enjoy writing LISO stories so much (Explanation of LISO). Social activities demand that you compensate for rate changes in other individuals. When I’m writing, I can go as fast or as slow as I want without penalty. I once heard art described as a truly selfish enterprise, and it is never so true as when I’m done with a story.

The great thing is though art is selfish, it inevitably produces something that can be adopted by others. That’s why I like LISO so much. I get to do something so selfish, but the end product is for other people.

Recently I wrote a letter to a friend telling her about the complexity of my feelings. Immediately after she received it, she went to resolve a relationship issue she had with a guy. It is my indulgent fantasy to think my letter had something to do with her actions.

The phrase, ‘Actions speak louder than words,’ is something that smacks of ignorance. Spoken and written words are actions that foster other actions. People are driven to war and love on account of well-chosen words.

However, I do foster some prejudice against the unspoken word because those are not words at all, but impressions of words that lay in the mind. In this sense I agree with the ‘actions speak louder…’ aphorism.

My most recent LISO story was written in response to some relationship drama that occurred between a couple. It mainly had to do with heavy misunderstanding, the difficulties of expectation, and the impulse against explanation. Please enjoy.


March 1, 2008

LISO story 2 has been complete for a while, but I haven’t referenced it here. So here it is. I wrote in response to a mother discussing her worries about her children.

I wrote another LISO story in response to a friend applying for a job. He hadn’t applied for a job in the while, so he was procrastinating on sending in his resume. Here’s that story.

I’m starting to see these stories as competitive memories. Where if you have an unsatisfactory memory, you can this constant reminder of something better or guiding.