Another Alpha Iteration of Foobity, Now Competitar

January 27, 2008

Most of you know I’ve been developing a site to create and host competitions. The first iteration was just a way to describe a competition and then have people submit entries through simple text. This was very crude and very boring. There was also no indicator of status in the competition. The site design was also pretty terrible. My new version is also pretty stark, but at least it doesn’t make you want to punch your own eyes out.

The new site is much better. The site design is going in the right direction. Also, there is a highscore list to indicate status. Status is so important in a race. It’s what spurs you on. Imagine running in a race and not being able to see the other runners. It would be boring, competition is inherently synergistic.

Mind you, the site is still very minimal, but I’m releasing this second version anyway so that I can learn how people toy with it. Oh, and the site used to be called Foobity, for the moment it will be called Competitar.

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