Lessons Learned From Launching Foobity

December 3, 2007

It’s been a couple of days since our first launch of Foobity. It was lackluster, but that’s what I expected. We haven’t really done much with it yet. Regardless, I consider iteration one a success because of how much I learned.

The next iteration will have a comprehensive competition creation feature. Each competition will have subtasks. For each of these subtasks, a competition creator will be able to assign a point value and a refresh rate. The refresh rate controls how often a player can achieve that subtask. We will also have subgoals that work for subjective tasks as well. Points will be awarded by the competition creator after someone has typed in some effort in response to a subgoal. Overall, more power will be handed over to the competition creator, as this is the person willing to put in the most effort anyway.

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