Ugh, I’ve Kind of Launched

November 29, 2007

I released the site I’ve been working on. It’s called Foobity. I posted it to the social news site. They have an excellent community when it comes to feedback.

I have release jitters. I’ve promoted other stuff I’ve done, but not with much avidity. And it’s often just an idea that sits in a perpetual alpha state. Not to say that Foobity is anywhere close to done. It needs a tremendous amount of work. But this site has gotten farther than most of my website ideas.

I had one other company where we got from idea to release. It was called PadHolsters and we were making holsters for the Gameboy SP. We made really high-end holsters out of leather. We had them manufactured locally. We should of had them made in China, but we didn’t have the money to produce them at that level of volume. I was also unsatisfied with the design. But we actually sold them. It was really amazing putting a product I had made in a box and sending it to a stranger who had entrusted me. There really is no magic to a business. It’s just people working together. We never got to profitability, but I learned a tremendous amount from that business.

I really hope Foobity becomes something that satisfies people, and that I can create a self-sustaining business from it.

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