Every New Employee is a Consultant

November 15, 2007

New employees are invaluable because of their objectivity. They haven’t seen all of the product, development, and marketing yet. They aren’t indoctrinated into the culture. Their questions can point out the blindspots the involved worker can’t see by virtue of his position. Considering this, I’ve adopted the policy of making every employee a consultant in the company for the first two weeks they are there.

Since saying something about business practice without creating structure is just hot air, I’m going to implement this thinking by assigning an anomaly list to the new employee. At the end of their first two weeks they have to come with a list of things they’ve found strange and didn’t understand. Most of these items will have answers that are explained by historical circumstances. But some of them will not be explainable, and we will have to account for them.

Simultaneously, this task will welcome the new employee by giving them a license to poke around. They will be on a mandated search of investigation. This will plunge them into areas they would not have gone in, had they immediately plunged into the work they were hired for.

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