Company Name Competition

October 30, 2007

I’m making a website that will let you make competitions to achieve your goals. I need a name for this site. In the spirit of what the site will do, I’m hosting a competition to name it.

The prize will be a book of your choice over twenty and under fifty dollars. I and my partner will be judging the competition. The name should not be a hassle to type into your browser’s address bar. It can’t already be taken by another company or website. And the name need not be related to the company concept, as long as it is good.

Either email me (primevector *at* gmail *dot* com) or write it in the comments for this post.

Make sure to include:

  • A way to contact you
  • Your suggested name (submit as many names as you want)

The competition will end on November 7th. I will announce the winner and send the prize off at that point. I will try and contact the winner a few times, but if that doesn’t work, the prize goes to second place, even if we don’t use that suggested name.

One Response to “Company Name Competition”

  1. Matt Says:

    Oh, I thought this would be using *the* site.

    My name suggestions:
    * maythebestone (available)
    * tugandpull (available)
    * playtowin (has whois record, but no site)
    * goalster (under construction)
    * competitr (parked)
    * competencia (parked)
    * 123go (taken)

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