Experiments with Rythm Meditation

October 7, 2007

I have achieved many interesting effects in my Zen meditation, even though I know this not to be the classic point of such meditation. The behavior I am most happy with is an ability to recognize thoughts I don’t like and put them out of my mind. Being able to observe my thoughts more thoroughly has resulted in an ability to control them.

Thinking along this line, I decided to meditate while looking at an analog clock. I was wondering if I could manipulate my perception of time. Even after deciding this, I put it off for quite some time. Today, I finally sat down and looked at the clock. When I normally meditate, I, “Just sit.” This time I came at it with idea of, “Just experiencing the clock.” The meditation was very uneventful, with the periodic thought slipping in and out and various refocusings on the clock.

Afterwards, I got up, walked downstairs, and put the clock back up on the wall. I talked to my brother and watched him play videogames. While I did this, I became aware of various peculiar effects. It was as if I had split my perception to handle different zones of observation. I could see the videogame, hear my brother, and it also felt like my mind was engaging in something I could not identify. I wouldn’t characterize it as zoning out. I would say I became focused on three separate activities. This sounds antithetical to the idea of focus, but the perception was hard to describe because of its newness. Perhaps it would be better to say, these three activities I was engaged in felt very separate, the unative nature of my perception broke down a little.

Reacting to this new sensitivity, I also became aware of the spacial vectors of my limb movements. I had very precise idea of the direction and speed my hands and neck were moving. My sensation of balance was also affected, but without any disorientation.

I’m going to continue with the clock meditation, especially after such a surprising list of effects.

3 Responses to “Experiments with Rythm Meditation”

  1. Nick Peters Says:

    “Meditation for Hackers”: Your DevHouse lightning talk!

  2. Atmabodh Says:

    Nice article. Check http://www.atmabodh.net for more information on Simple Meditation and active Meditation evolved by Osho. There is much mor about Ramdev Pranayama Package, Agnihotra, Ashtang Yog etc.

  3. Manoj Singh Says:

    Yesterday evening I sat on sofa in my living room. And I was just looking at the wall clock. I noticed the inevitability of the movement of second’s hand. And also noticed impossibility of detecting movement in minute’s hand. It surprised me. I was about to write a poem on this new experience. Also thought about meditating on clock regularly. I thought I am the first person in this world who discovered clock meditation.

    Then this morning I remembered the great Indian philosopher U B Krishnamurthy. U B once said that we are living inside a thought space. No matter what you think, somebody somewhere has already thought about that. Just to test UB theory, I typed ‘clock meditation’ on Google search bar, and stumbled on your article.

    Let me know your further experience with clock meditation.


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