Need Cofounder to Work on “Competitive Microblogging for Personal Victory”

September 25, 2007

The Company/Idea, Overall Motivator
Competitive microblogging for personal victory.

To get what the website would do, manufacture your own example using these steps.

  1. Pick something you want to do that you’ve been having a hard time doing.
  2. Think of a way you can craft that into a competition with your friends.
  3. Set up goal to achieve, something objective to reach.
  4. Enter in your progress every week.
  5. See how your friends are doing relative to you.
  6. Party once you’ve reached your goal.

The Current State
I have a specific prototype in mind that I am currently building. I have no money at the moment.

The Current Goal

  • Develop the product more to make sure I’m not drinking too much of my own Kool-Aid and to explore if there is some better variant.
  • Make this startup a full time job by getting money from a seed funder such as Ycombinator (
  • Find a partner who I can take this to success with.

What I’m Offering

  • 50% equity split
  • Myself, a well-spoken hacker

What I Think is Required of Potential Partners

  • Ruby on Rails experience (know how to take an app from prototype to production)
  • MySQL experience
  • Stories that exemplify your ability to learn rapidly (knowledge of your failures)
  • Stories that exemplify your ability to take risks (the necessity of a personal startup culture)
  • Living in the Bay Area

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