Educamp Fantastic

September 18, 2007

I went to Educamp this weekend and was hyper-stimulated by all of the great ideas and different people speaking on education.

Education is a sore spot for me because of how depressed I was while at school. School was mainly a place I was waiting to get out of. Though it was a rarity, I had the best time at school in sixth grade, when I was working so much on computers and AV stuff that I didn’t attend much class. Highschool was a long wait for college. And college was a real let down.

I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out a design for school that would iron out these problems. I presented this design at Educamp and you can see Chris Messina’s notes on my presentation here.

At Educamp, we all recognized the inherent oppression, coercion, and ironic mind-numbingness of school. Each of us brought a technique, a back-door, a loop-around, a design, an anecdote, a suggestion, or a word of encouragement. It was a fantastic event. I hope to attend more like it.

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