Inspirathon – A Review

June 30, 2007

Last nights Inspirathon was great. For those of you tuning in without pretext. Inspirathon is a “A Movie Night For Thinkers.” We show some thought provoking/alternative method/human achievement videos and discuss them. The following are my thoughts on the last one.

Good things:

  • We topped out at the right amount of people.
  • Everyone was very friendly and nice.
  • We watched some very interesting videos.

Things I would change:

  • We have to set up a buzzer system for people to hit. This way we have a symbolic mechanism for killing unstimulating videos.
  • We have put an upper limit on video duration. Thirty minutes max.
  • We have to introduce videos and ask why people have chosen them. Some videos needed lots of pretext.
  • We can’t show videos that are thematically similar in a row.
  • We have to discuss after each video. And a long discussion. Not necessarily to reach a conclusion, but to integrate the video into our minds, and to discover related avenues that come to mind while speaking.
  • We might want to pole people about what they want to see at Inspirathon.
  • There should be half as many videos as we watched this last time.
  • The event should start at 5.30 pm on a Saturday, with a BBQ and an earlier ending. I just don’t drink caffeine, sorry.

If anyone has comments to improve Inspirathon, or tips from running their own movie/clip nights, please comment!

2 Responses to “Inspirathon – A Review”

  1. Jeff Lindsay Says:

    I think we could have had less people. You talk about discussion after each video, and I agree to an extent. I don’t think they need to be long though. It can be hard with a lot of people. It was easier with less at the first one.

    An hour talk is long for this kind of event, but most talks are an hour long. TED talks are an exception and we only have so many of them. Maybe for every hour long talk, we make it 1/2 hour shorter of an event. Also, it might be best to do an hour long talk, if any, at the beginning before people are worn out.

    Some people I know will just have a single hour long talk and make a single event of that. Maybe that’s a better model for hour long talks. (Maybe 2 with a long break)

    Better introductions, definitely.

    I don’t see anything wrong with thematically similar talks. In fact, having usually separate though complementary talks sequentially seems to really help making some strong connections about that theme, especially when they go back and forth on a perspective.

    That said, it’s nice to go from one theme to another and be pleasantly surprised of a non-obvious connection. That happened at the last one, somewhat by chance, and somewhat because I thought it might happen if I played a certain one after another.

    Polling is fine. We have a tag for people to submit stuff, but it rarely represents everybody’s interest. Then again, I like the fact that it exposes people to things they might not have been.

    I think we got way more videos in this time than last time before it turned into a lolcats gallery. I think like you said, the other fun/artsy videos should be played in between where we can (although no lolcats, they go on forever). But I’m undecided about less videos. If people want to see more, all the better.

    But starting earlier and on a Saturday is probably a good idea.

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Nick Peters Says:

    As far as the talks that are an hour+, we should show segments of those videos. I found the Will Wright video very interesting at parts, but put me to sleep at other parts. If the person who would choose such a video in the future would pick a segment and explain why s/he choose it, it would go over better.

    I think “break” videos would be a great idea. However there are videos that can be both entertaining and inspiring. Seeing a new style of animation, seeing a performing arts piece, a well done shot in a movie, etc. It would be nice to get some perspective from someone like Corrie may not be into the technical talks, but is inspired by other people/topics.

    Overall I think the event was a success! Thanks for hosting Adrian.

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