Inspirator: A Random Synthetic Muse

June 28, 2007

I’ve cobbled together a simple little Ruby on Rails app. I’m going to leave it up for a couple of days running on my machine and then replace the link with a screenshot. This app was generated out of some meditations over randomness and success. I mean this literally, I was actuallying sitting in Zazen when a flurry of website ideas hit me and I had to rush to write them all down.

The app itself produces some interesting results, but see for yourself (just a screenshot to get the point across, I’m no longer hosting it). If anything breaks, give me a buzz. And if the site is running slow, then it means the app is popular and my machine is getting nailed, or I’m downloading something (I will try not to). Thanks and as with all alpha projects, sorry in advance.

3 Responses to “Inspirator: A Random Synthetic Muse”

  1. This reminds me of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies.

  2. This is neat! It was not obvious to me initially that I was supposed to type in one thing, which would be randomly mixed with another thing. Maybe you could change the text by the entry box. Ask the user “name one thing that inspires you:”?

    Regarding the filtering of the terms. I wonder if you could query Google or Yahoo and get some sort of score on the phrases that would indicate how “inspiring” a certain word was. (The Yahoo API is awesome by the way).

    Also, Jesse Andrews gave a demo of a Ruby library that allows you to use Jabber really easily. It would be neat to have an “inspire robot” on Jabber. I could ask it to inspire me. Or tell it what sort of things inspire me.

  3. […] 7th, 2007 Operating along the lines of my generalized synthetics muse, a piece of software that combined words from a database to form novel combinations, I’ve […]

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