Vivid Flying Dream

June 22, 2007

This is my first flying dream. I’ve only had jumping dreams where I can jump to enormous heights, like over trees and buildings. It’s funny since I wasn’t even that into Superman. But like Superman, I guess I eventually graduated from leaping over tall buildings in a single bound, to full on flying.

The way I propelled myself was with an excessive moment in my arms. By swinging my arms backward, down toward my hips, I could give myself thrust.

I started on the Santa Clara campus. Whenever I dream of Santa Clara it is a mix of the SCU layout and a lot of the feel of Stanford. I was flying all over school, into and out of buildings. Most people didn’t notice, but some would point me out if I was getting really high.

My flying around was important to some tests necessary for a spaceship I was building. Eventually the school administration asked me to not fly around so much. I was sorely disappointed in them and decided I would fly anyway.

The most peculiar part of this dream is the recurrence of a tower that I felt I had seen in past dreams (though which I can not remember). It’s a black medieval tower, hollow except for a staircase. Tourists were inside it.

I’ve had recurring dreams before, but never a recurring artifact like the tower.

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