My Friends, My Founders

April 30, 2007

My co-founders are people who can tell me when something is wrong. For example, my co-founder called me today and talked about misgivings he was having about the company. He didn’t see how the company was aligning with a lifestyle that would get him the things he wanted. The beautiful thing is that he was telling me this. I’m so happy to be working with friends who are unafraid of discussing such things. Not only can I discuss my often radical (and sometimes stupid) ideas, but I can operate unafraid.

I hear things like, do you have an A-team or a B-team? Do your co-founders have the proper skill-set? I am lucky that my friends and co-founders have a very dynamic sense of competence where they move from unknown to unknown with little difficulty. But the thing I am happiest about is the sense of fearlessness we manage to generate in our culture. It would be naive to say this is all you need, but you can always acquire skills and more expertise.

An open culture is invaluable and far more difficult to create because it requires the sacrifice of pride. It takes a lot of practice to say, “No, that’s a bad idea,” to someone in the middle of their sentence. And it takes even more practice to not snap back and tell them they’re full of shit. However, when you finally achieve this state, you save so much time!

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